Brown & Boughan Wedding

An 'Old Country' Wedding


Photography courtesy of Andrea Clark

Bonner Brown knew when he met Katie Boughan in her check out line at Lowe’s that she was someone special.

Bonner, who manages Short Leaf Thoroughbred Farm, spent much of his time at the home improvement store and was sure that Katie had been his cashier several times before she showed any interest in him. One day while scanning his items, he struck up a conversation with her.

“He asked how my weekend went, and I told him, ‘every weekend is good when you spend it working at Lowe’s,’” she said. “He said he knew the feeling, since he never had
a weekend off working at a thoroughbred farm. I told him that ‘sparked my interest.’ After the little comment I made, Bonner was stunned that I finally showed him the attention he had wanted, and left without saying anything else.”

He walked back to his truck with his purchases, and told his friend who was with him that he was going to marry her some day.

Over the next few weeks, every time they saw each other at Lowe’s, the two were giddy and full of butterflies.

“A few weeks later, I told Bonner that I had a job offer at a veterinary clinic that I was strongly considering taking, and that this was most likely his last opportunity to ask me for my phone number,” she said. “How could he pass up that invitation? So right there, on good ‘ole register 11, Bonner asked me for my phone number and the rest was history.

Their proposal on April Fools Day, Bonner said, could not have been more perfect “considering our light-hearted relationship that is always full of laughter.”

The big day: May 14, 2015 — our one year anniversary.

Best Man and Maid of Honor: We both agreed that we wanted to stand alone together, in the field we were married in, so that we could start off our marriage on our own two feet together.boughan-wedding3

The location: We chose to get married at the Short Leaf Thoroughbred Farm. This is where our relationship developed, sharing together in the peace and beauty of nature. We picked out a perfect spot, in the center of a field, full of gorgeous wild grass.

The reception: The reception was held at one of the two barns on the farm. Bonner had spent a week turning it into exactly what we had envisioned together — he never fails to impress me with his ability to create!

We, along with our guests, enjoyed each others’ company over barbecue, and Southern sweet tea in Mason jars, washed down with wedding cake. Laughter and good conversation filled the night air, no need for music to distract from the memories being made with one another.

The look: Our wedding had a very distinct, “old country” feel to it. No particular color scheme was chosen, we just wanted something that was relaxing and natural, just like our relationship. My mother, Brenda Boughan, and my grandmother, Sandra Stockwell, put together the beautiful flower arrangements, made up of wild flowers. Each table had a different flower arrangement, set upon a white linen table cloth, accented in burlap. Old horse saddles decorated each stall within the barn. Beaded lights draped from the ceiling to add a special atmosphere, along with the hay bales placed for decorative accent and seating.

The dress: My dress was a simple, yet classic gown with white lace detailing throughout the entire dress. The full length gown had a tasteful split to the knee, making a perfect peek-a-boo for my Ariat cowboy boots with each step. Lace sleeves gave a modest and “old country” feel to the gown. The gown was accented with a brown belt that had a horse show belt buckle, matching the boots and tying the whole dress together.

Most unforgettable moment: Our wedding was very free flowing, there were no timelines or distinct plans. Everything, down to how the ceremony itself went, was approached with a “go with the flow” mindset. My father, Kenneth Boughan Jr., came to escort me down the aisle and he said, “I hope you meant it when you said you were OK with boughan-wedding2anything happening in the ceremony.” I had no idea what he could have been referring to, but I was OK with whatever was to come. My pastor, Larry Burton with First Assembly of God asked my father, “who gives this woman away?” My dad then looked at Bonner, and Bonner slowly pulled out his wallet and hands my dad a $100 bill.

My dad took the money and says, “I do, now!” I had no idea that my dad schemed this up, but it was absolutely perfect! This was by far our favorite moment of the night! Thankfully, Ms. Andrea Clark was able to capture the best photos of the practical joke, so we can forever remember the look on everyone’s faces!

The honeymoon: Bonner and I chose to take the rest of the week off work to hide out at the farm. We stayed locked away from the rest of the world, right at home! We wouldn’t have had it any other way!

The details:

Hair — Jordyn Horne, owner of Signature Salon

Cake — Ambrosia Bakery

Caterer — Smokin’ in Style BBQ

Rentals — Hays Rentals

Photographer — Andrea Clark Photography

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  1. Tim McElroy Reply

    I could not be happier for these two! Katie is a great girl who deserved to find her cowboy!

  2. Tim McElroy Reply

    I could not be happier for these two! Katie is a great girl who deserved to find her cowboy!

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