Feld & Crumpler Wedding

A Childhood Romance


Photography courtesy of Andrea Clark

Justin Crumpler and TeaJae Feld were high school sweethearts who had grown up together in church.

“Justin and I met when we were babies in our church nursery,” TeaJae said. “We grew up going to church together but were never really close friends until high school when our friend groups overlapped. He asked me to be his girlfriend walking me to third period one day and we have been inseparable ever since!”

On their third year anniversary of dating, Justin and TeaJae were going to go out and eat to celebrate, and he had asked some of their friends to take some pictures of them since he knew how much TeaJae loves pictures.

“We drove to Shangri-La Resort on Lake Ouachita, a special place for my family, and walked out to the docks and the point to take the pictures,” she said. “All of a sudden Justin got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. He was so nervous and forgot all of the lines he prepared but it was beautiful and filled with so much joy.”

The big day: Aug. 8, 2015

Best Man and Maid of Honor: Justin’s Best Man was his brother, Jacob Crumpler, and my Maid of Honor was my sister and best friend, Jesi Feld.

The location: The ceremony was in the beautifully decorated sanctuary at Crossgate Church, which was filled with all our dear family and friends.crumpler3

The reception: The reception was held in the church lobby and it was simple, sweet, and perfect.

The look: Our colors were blush and emerald. The bridesmaids wore long emerald dresses and the groomsman wore blush accents with taupe suits. The stage had vases filled with blush water and candles galore. The aisle was lined with petals and candles. We stood under a large cross that had a lovely garland draped over it. Our flower arrangements and bouquets were filled with roses and baby’s breath, with a few sunflowers here and there.

The dress: I found the dress that fulfilled all my girlie childhood fantasies. It had a gorgeous illusion neckline and sweetheart bodice with lace appliqués galore. The dress fit like a glove while the bottom flowed out with tulle. I wish I could wear it every day!

crumpler2Most unforgettable moment: Justin actually picked the song I walked down the aisle to. The song was “Something” by Chris August, and toward the end of the song it goes into a beautiful instrumental part and that was when the doors opened and I walked out. I was so nervous and caught up in looking at all our guests and trying not to walk too fast that I forgot to even look at Justin until I was halfway down the aisle. When I finally did remember to look at him, he was beaming at me and I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world even though I know I was ugly crying.

The honeymoon: We honeymooned in Eureka Springs and stayed in this neat treehouse cabin. We had an amazing time going to The Passion Play, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, doing touristy things, and eating really good food. Our honeymoon was so romantic and relaxing. We can’t wait to go back!

The details:

Florist — Kelly Efrid Flower Events

Hair — Courtney Manthe

Makeup — Ashley Packard

Cake — Franklin Dye and Sam’s Club

Band/DJ — Kyle Thurman

Rentals — Crossgate Church

Photographer — Andrea Clark Photography

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  1. Andrew Brown Reply

    So happy for you both! You all are always on my heart. You two were a prime example of loving Christ and having him in a relationship!

  2. Nawnie H. Reply

    The article of your wedding was just wonderful and reflected your personalities so well!! Congrats celebrates. Love you bunches💕💕

  3. Tim Morrison Reply

    A beautiful wedding for a lovely couple! God bless your marriage!

    And thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding!

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