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Photography by Mara Kuhn

Dear Sandy,
My resolution for 2016 is to concentrate giving my home a new look, especially my eat-in kitchen with a small banquet dining spot and the adjoining powder room.

I want to keep it simple but with a lot of flair and need your advice on how to give my old cabinets new life. I enjoy bold colors but think I want to use a big hit of a neutral and then accent colors.

In the powder room I feel like I need something reflective since I don’t have any windows so need your guidance there. I want to change the tile and vanity tops too. What are the 2016 color trends and how would you suggest I use them?

Kitchen Diva
Dear Diva,

I love that you totally own your title and I bet that you create fabulous meals all the time!

designer2There are a lot of exciting ideas out there for 2016 and we could explore many options but I don’t have the space to cover it all so let me just give you an overview of a few trends.

Color trends range from Sherwin Williams Alabaster to Sherwin Williams Sealskin and they really create drama when paired up with bright saturated colors like SW 6312 Redbud and 6698 Kingdom gold — more about that later.

Since Divas rock, let’s rock this kitchen by painting the cabinets in a high gloss Sealskin. Add champagne gold cabinet hardware to really say fresh.

Use the Alabaster on walls and ceiling and create a feature wall by painting Sealskin wide stripes on the wall with the banquette. Finish this off with pillows and chair cushions in bright fuchsias and sapphire blues. Add in splashes of color with artwork or keep it calmer with framed charcoal sketches. Incorporate white sheers for a really refreshing look.

Another option would be to do the feature wall in a graphic black and white wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of the biggest trends going. Look at how the Redbud and Kingdom gold fabrics jump out against the bold paper. Another detail to help pull it together is to find accent tiles for the backsplash that offer a more subdued use of our color pallet. Inserting a pop of sapphire blue takes it to a totally different level!

You mentioned that your powder room is close proximity to the kitchen/dining area so let’s play with the same pallet but since the room is windowless we will go for a modern tropical metallic wallpaper that not only lightens the space but brings a smile to your guests upon entering.

Since we are giving it a modern look we can use Quartz countertops that look like Carrera Marble and for accents use glass subway tiles in clean colors to accent the paper.

If you would like for me to give more in depth guidance, just call me and we will really cook up a kitchen design that is perfect for you!

designer3Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms

Makes 4 servings:
• 1/4 cup butter
• 4 cloves minced garlic
• 16 Baby Bella Mushrooms

• Parmesan cheese
• Preheat cast iron skillet in a 400 degree oven.
• Melt butter in microwave, add garlic and stir.
Clean mushrooms and remove stems, and place cap side down in skillet.
Drizzle with butter and garlic. Turn caps up and pour in butter mix, sprinkling with parmesan, salt and pepper. Roast at 400 for 25-30 minutes. Cool before serving. I love serving these delicious mushrooms with a crisp salad and my famous garlic butter toasted baguettes. Nothing else required unless it is a glass of your favorite wine. Enjoy your 2016 makeover.

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