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From Bon appetit to real estate feat

By Lindsey Wells Photography by Richard Rasmussen

By Lindsey Wells
Photography by Richard Rasmussen

Before moving to Hot Springs and joining the real estate business, associate broker at Lake Hamilton Realty, Patti Scott, lived in Florida and traveled the world on mega yachts as a personal chef for some of the most prominent people in the world. Though she enjoyed that line of work, Scott said she has no desire to go back.

“I just have to give kudos to Hot Springs, because when you’re going around the world — Greece, Turkey, which is all very interesting — nobody beats Hot Springs,” she said.

Scott said her broker at Lake Hamilton Realty, whom she’s known for 35 years, pushed her to try her hand at real estate. In 2012, she was one of 75 agents in Arkansas selected by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission to participate in a broker program and has since completed the study to obtain her broker’s license.

“I love Lake Hamilton Realty. We’re a smaller company but we’re family and I absolutely love the atmosphere,” she said. “All of the Realtors that work around me and with me, we all try to help each other and we’re very supportive of each other.”PATRICIA SCOTT

Scott said she prefers working with residential customers because it’s more one-on-one and personable.

“These are the people that are relocating — a lot of them are downsizing or upsizing or they’re going to get their second home because they’ve outgrown the first. I try to do the best I can, try to find them what they want, and I’m very patient,” she added.

Her patience especially comes in handy when she runs into the unavoidable problems that come along with the world of real estate. “The hurry-up-and-wait sometimes is frustrating. Sometimes you have to wait on a seller or buyer to get their loans together, or there might be a problem in the title, but I’m patient enough to see it through.”

Scott said business has been booming lately compared to how it was when she first began.

“When I first started, it was slow. It was very slow. But right now we’re really busy. The company is really busy and we’re seeing more buyers and sellers,” she said. “We’ve had a mild winter, which is good, and our winter has been great for sales. Normally, from November to January or FPATRICIA SCOTTebruary can be kind of slow, but I don’t think we’ve seen that this year at all. It’s been a great year for everyone in the real estate business.”

Although she still has friends in Florida, Scott said she can’t picture herself ever leaving Hot Springs again. “Everyone here is just so nice. I hate to say that South Florida is cutthroat but you don’t get the relationships with people there like you would here. I think that’s what draws buyers to Hot Springs. It’s just a great town, and I have no desire to leave. I could very easily go back to South Florida but I’ve got too many good friends here.”

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