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Brightening your interiors

By Sandy Sutton, photography by Richard Rasmussen and courtesy of York Wallcoverings

By Sandy Sutton, photography by Richard Rasmussen and courtesy of York Wallcoverings

Dear Sandy,

Now that summer is upon us and I have a family reunion to host, I need some ideas!

We live on Lake Hamilton and have a large outdoor living space that is perfect for entertaining — actually a lot better than our indoor spaces. I inherited a number of family pieces of wicker furniture and would appreciate any thoughts you have on how I can make that more modern. Also, any ideas to lighten up the house would be wonderful; since we have so many huge trees we are always shaded and feel dark inside. I know you help with all kinds of projects and all sizes so I am anxious to read your advice.

Thank you from the Family Planner!

Dear Family Planner,

Every family needs one and in my family I share that position with you and love it.
I know that your relatives are looking forward to a few days relaxing on our beautiful lake and seeing our lovely town. Such history!

First, just know that your caring attention to details will make a big difference in their enjoyment. People can always tell if their host has gone the extra mile.

Let’s start with the entrance to your home; after all, that is their first impression. Do you need to freshen the paint/ stain on your entry door? Are the windows clean and pots of flowers blooming?

Now to the inside. You definitely want to brighten your interiors and since you don’t have much natural light, look at your walls. Do you need to paint them in a soft, relaxing white or a pale shade of nature like blue or green? Paint is affordable and can transform dull into soothing.

Select bright pillows to bring a “POW” to your sofa and maybe you’ll want to roll up the dark, heavy rug until fall. Removing heavy drapes and replacing them with breezy sheers will turn your room into a paradise. Just remember that to your family this will be a vacation so make them feel like they have arrived!

Ask the Designer 1 (dragged)Always use fresh flowers and fill bowls with fresh fruit for snacks; as you know, it is all in the details.

Now let’s go outside. You are fortunate to have this large outdoor living space and I feel like this will be command central while they are visiting you. Use the tips I have given for the indoors on the outdoor space, as well. Beautiful pots of flowers and fun and colorful pillows can really make the most of the lake living theme. Remember that you have built-in entertainment with all the passing boaters and fishermen. They always provide a great show and spark a lot of conversation.

Something you should know is that today I can offer a vast array of outdoor fabrics that look incredible. In fact, I use them indoors as well. I have a treatment that I use on all fabrics that protects them from UV rays, mold, rain and mildew so you do not need to worry about them sitting outside. They are always beautiful and ready to enjoy. I have cans of this incredible spray available at my Design Center.

Let’s talk about your vintage wicker; you are a lucky girl! You want something a little more modern? Then we need to think color — a big saturation of color.

Selecting fun, vibrant shades of paint will give new life to your vintage pieces and bring out the very best of summer living. I have laid out a few colors that would brighten any setting. So now you are ready to tackle these few suggestions and prepare to host the most memorable reunion ever. Take lots of selfies and send them to me. I will share my favorite Summer Sangria (which will probably encourage some really great selfies) and I know you will love it!

Here’s to the Family Planners … cheers!

Sandy’s Summer Sangria SANDY SUTTON PHOTO FOR GO!
• 1 orange, sliced thinly
• 1 lemon, sliced thinly

• 1 lime, sliced thinly

• 1 medium apple, sliced thinly
• 1 cup pitted cherries

• 1 cup pineapple chunks

• 3/4 cup brandy
• 1 (750mL.) bottle dry red wine
•1 (12 0z.) can lemon lime soda
•1 cup orange juice

Place the citrus in pitcher with the apples, cherries and pineapple. Pour in the brandy and refrigerate at least two hours. Chill the bottle of red wine, lemon lime soda and orange juice.

Add all together but pour in the soda last. This is very refreshing!

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