Real Estate Market on the Rise

'There's nothing to dislike about Hot Springs'

Story by Lindsey Wells, photography by Mara Kuhn

Story by Lindsey Wells, photography by Mara Kuhn

Matt Scott, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker RPM and lifetime resident of Hot Springs, jumped into the world of real estate in April 2015 and said he feels like he picked the right time to make that change.

“Real estate is like almost any other market with many peaks and valleys,” he said, adding that the real estate market has been getting better since 2008-09.

“Right now is a great time to buy so long as a person/couple has good to average credit and feels good about their current employment and income situation. Interest rates are at an all-time low and prices to rent continue to go upward. In our area, buying has become a cheaper option than renting, even if a person does not have any money to put down on a home,” said Scott. He added that home values in the Hot Springs area seem to still be increasing, especially lake homes.

Scott graduated from Lake Hamilton High School and attended National Park College, North Arkansas College and Henderson State University before becoming a Realtor.

“With my old career, I was just getting really stagnant with that and was looking for something that would give me a little more drive,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to be in real estate since I was in my early twenties and I just finally had the opportunity to jump into it.”REAL DEAL

He took his pre-license classes at Lindsey School of Real Estate and obtained his real estate license at National School of Real Estate after he took his post-license classes.

“The firm I work for is also great. We have a very positive work environment at the office. All of the people within our firm help each other and work together even though we are all like independent contractors,” he said.

Scott said making new friends and building lifelong relationships with clients are a few of the things he likes about working in real estate, and the fact that “all deals are a little different,” he said, adding, “finding the houses for people, going through the contracts and working out the discrepancies or the difficulties in them is a challenge but it’s really fun and I love doing it.”

What is there not to like about Hot Springs? Scott said he thinks the reason people purchase homes in the area and decide to live here is the same reason why so many people enjoy visiting Hot Springs — there’s nothing to dislike about the area, except for the humidity, he said. With the tourist attractions, lakes and outdoor activities, he describes Hot Springs as one of the greatest places he’s ever been.

REAL DEALScott specializes in residential real estate and said he prefers it to commercial real estate because “even though every purchase in real estate should be treated like a business decision, it’s just a little bit more personal; you get to be
with people on a more personal level than more of a business experience.

“I will say, to be a great Realtor, it is a lot more work than what I originally thought it would be,” he said. “There are also a lot of things behind the scenes that we do that customers and clients do not realize.”

Scott has been married to his wife, Amber, since 2003. He proposed to his wife on a billboard on Airport Road that said “Amber, will you marry me?” Of course, she said “yes!”

When they aren’t working, Scott and Amber enjoy spending time on the lake during the summer-time and, during winter, Scott enjoys hunting and all of the outdoor activities Hot Springs has to offer.

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