Frenchie’s New Orleans Cafe

By Brad Hudgens, photography courtesy of Frenchie’s New Orleans Cafe 7:40 p.m. … The weatherman keeps saying it’s cooler than it feels.

Deluca’s Pizzeria

By Brad Hudgens, photography by Richard Rasmussen 8:28 p.m. … Sitting out on my deck.

Taste of India

Story by Brad HudgensPhotography by Richard Rasmussen 8:25 p.m.

Colorado Grill

Story by Brad Hudgens — Photography by Mara Kuhn 7:25 p.m.

Authentic Mediterranean

Photography by Mara Kuhn 7:20 p.m. … Wishing for a bowl of Pappa’s Three Way Chili.

Oaklawn’s Eateries

Photography by Mara Kuhn 6:45 p.m. … Looking at tomorrow’s live racing card. Oaklawn Park is one of the South’s best playgrounds.

La Hacienda

Photography by Richard Rasmussen 6:45 p.m. … Starting a list of 2016 resolutions and goals.

Bleu Monkey Grill

Photography by Richard Rasmussen 3:30 p.m. on Saturday… Razorbacks won another game! Bleu Monkey Grill is one of the premier casual full-service restaurants in Hot Springs.

J&S Italian Villa

Photography by Mara Kuhn 7:15 p.m. … Watching “The Voice” J&S Italian Villa ranks well in my top 10 list of restaurants in Hot Springs.