‘Spice Things Up’

Photography by Mara Kuhn 5:45 p.m. … School is back in session; just thinking of my two not-so-little ones away at college.

New Chef, New Menu

Photography by Mara Kuhn 8:50 p.m. …Watching the full moon rise for the second time in July.

Central Park Fusion

Photography by Mara Kuhn 10:40 a.m. … Fourth of July. There are restaurants, and then there are real restaurants. In my travels, I’ve had the opportunity to dine at both.

Spa City Spread

Photography by Richard Rasmussen and Mara Kuhn 6:50 p.m. … rain, rain go away.


Photography by Mara Kuhn Rodney and Kristi Ferguson left the bucolic tranquility of farming life in Magazine to wade intrepidly into their next act — rebooting Jahna’s, an Airport

Frosty Treat

Photography by Mara Kuhn At the intersection of faith, redemption and vegetarianism lies Frosty Treat, the hamburger stand/dairy bar that’s been an East Grand Avenue fixture since

Dolce Gelato

Photography by Richard Rasmussen Unadulterated by excesses of fat and air, gelato alights on the palate of those uninitiated to its confectionery splendor as a revelation of flavor

Belle Arti Ristorante

A popular chain restaurant pretends to familial intimacy by claiming to treat its patrons “like family,” but this focus-tested mantra is one that need not be intoned at Belle Arti

The Big Chill

Photography by Mara Kuhn Offering live music five nights a week without dunning its patrons for a cover charge is the hook, but it’s the ancillary rhythms and melodies that keep pa