Hot Springs Streetcars

Photography courtesy of the Garland County Historical Society “Clang, clang, clang went the trolley,” Judy Garland famously sang about St. Louis trolley cars.

Romantic Luxury

Photography courtesy of Seven Stars Resort Honeymoons used to be the epitome of romantic vacations. These days, things are not so simple.

Dolce Gelato

Photography by Richard Rasmussen Unadulterated by excesses of fat and air, gelato alights on the palate of those uninitiated to its confectionery splendor as a revelation of flavor

Teaching a passion

Photography by Richard Rasmussen In just her second semester as dance teacher for Hot Springs middle and high schools, Amy Bramlett has already witnessed tremendous growth in her s

Celebrating a treasure

Photography courtesy of the Garland County Historical Society After 96-year-old Mamie Ruth Abernathy’s death on Jan.

Fit to be tried

If your New Year’s resolutions include getting back into shape or simply reinvigorating your health, you can take advantage of lower-than-usual winter rates to ramp up your w

Belle Arti Ristorante

A popular chain restaurant pretends to familial intimacy by claiming to treat its patrons “like family,” but this focus-tested mantra is one that need not be intoned at Belle Arti


Ask Liz

Long advertised as “The Nation’s Health Resort” and “The Greatest Health and Pleasure Resort in the World,” Hot Springs has always been a place for residents and visitors to get fi

The Big Chill

Photography by Mara Kuhn Offering live music five nights a week without dunning its patrons for a cover charge is the hook, but it’s the ancillary rhythms and melodies that keep pa