Hot Springs Summerfest

By Steven Mross, photography courtesy of the Hot Springs Jazz Society   It isn’t known if they plan to kiss, but two musical cousins will be joining forces this Labor Day holi

‘A STAARR is Born’

By Steven Mross, photography courtesy of STAARR Hot Springs is a long way in space and time from Hollywood in the Roaring ’20s, but the founder of the former Committed to Freedom m

Hot Springs Craft Beer Festival

By Steven Mross, photography courtesy of Rob Pratt Adding to the ever-growing list of annual Hot Springs events is the Hot Springs Craft Beer Festival, which is ready to start the

Upcycle Sculpture Festival

By Steven MrossPhotography by Richard Rasmussen The old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” could easily be the theme for the Upcycle Sculpture Festival sponsored by

Feel Good Music

Photography by Richard Rasmussen From her current gig as The Ohio Club’s chanteuse to as a girl warbling along with Merle Haggard songs on the radio, Dona Pettey has used musi

Valley of the Vapors

Photography courtesy of Low Key Arts The organizers of the 12th annual Valley of the Vapors music festival managed a “perfect storm” scheduling wise, with the five-day event overla

Drawn to the Eclectic

Photography by Richard Rasmussen Hot Springs is known for its variety of entertainment, bath houses and scenery.

Big Band, Big Feeling

Photography by Mara Kuhn and courtesy of The Stardust Big Band The music of the big band era, starting in the 1920s through the 1950s, has never really gone away — at least, not fr

Jacob Flores

Photography by Mara Kuhn and Richard Rasmussen As a third-generation mariachi singer, local independent musician Jacob Flores’ passion for music has placed him on stages in Hot Spr

‘Pearl’s Girls’

Photography by Mara Kuhn An inevitable fact of life is that many women are faced with the unpleasant task of deciding how to distribute assets, property and belongings of their par