Cooperative Christian Ministries and Clinic

Story by Lindsey Wells, photography by Richard Rasmussen For more than 20 years, nonprofit organization Cooperative Christian Ministries and Clinic has cared for the uninsured and 

Healthier is Happier

By Lindsey WellsPhotography by Richard Rasmussen and Mara Kuhn In this day and age it’s easy to be unaware of how some of our daily actions impact more than just ourselves.

Arts & the Park

By Lindsey WellsPhotography courtesy of the Hot Springs Area Cultural Alliance Whether you’ve lived in Hot Springs for 20 years or are just visiting for the weekend, it’s hard not

Library Seeds

By Lindsey WellsPhotography by Richard Rasmussen In an increasingly digital world where information is literally at our fingertips, having a county library within walking distance

Last Word

Whenever I sit down to work in my at home office niche, I look up at an oil painting over the computer desk.

Bridge Street

Photography by Caitlin Lafarlette, Mara Kuhn and Richard Rasmussen Possibly the quirkiest St.

Last Word

I still remember my first parade. It was indoors at Miss Eugenia Cooper’s Kindercoop in her family abode on Prospect Avenue.

A Life of Civil Service

Photography by Richard Rasmussen William Watkins has spent the majority of his life serving the public, and at a time when many would be relaxing and enjoying retirement he con

Racing Dreams

Photography by Richard Rasmussen It started when he was just 3 years old: his grandmother bought him a pink jockey suit out of a racetrack gift shop and he ran around in it lik

Hoping for a Home

Photography by Mara Kuhn and Richard Rasmussen Aside from our parents and children, the only ones that we can truly ever count on to give us unconditional love are our pets.