Christmas Cheer

Photography courtesy of Sherre Freeman and by Mara Kuhn It starts on All Hallows and continues through the Epiphany.

Voices of Angels

Photography by Beth Bright and Mara Kuhn As the Christmas season approaches and the holiday spirit begins to settle over the city, music lovers need look no further than right here

The Last Word

A recent sojourn to south Arkansas evoked thoughts of connectivity to people and places that enhance our lives and give them meaning and purpose.

Let there be light

Photography by Mara Kuhn and Richard Rasmussen It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child, but Hot Springs Parks and Trails Director Jean Wallace says it takes a commu

Scientific Approach

Photography by Mara Kuhn Science by the numbers can seem abstract from everyday life, a mystery operating on a plane of consciousness only an enlightened few can access.

Mutual Motivation

Photography by Richard Rasmussen Fad diets and exercises come and go, tackling the temporary needs of those looking to lose weight, but trainer Richard Webb wants people to see it’

Last Word

Consider this month’s essay a confession of sorts from a still-aspiring wordsmith.

Run for your Life

Photography by Richard Rasmussen, artwork by Chris Meeks If the idea of a nice, invigorating run on a cool autumn morning appeals to you AND you’ve also always harbored a secret de

Conquering the Mountain

Photography by Richard Rasmussen Surmounting West Mountain not once, but twice, runners in the newest race of the rebranded Spa Running Festival will need to be made of sterner stu

Last Word

While recently dining at a popular local eatery, my friends Mac and Ann Caruso, John and Helen Selig, and I enjoyed a light repast and then turned our conversation to various aspec