Disposable Art

Photography by Mara Kuhn and courtesy of York Wallcoverings Dear Sandy, I hope you can help bring peace to my home! My daughter and son want to decorate their rooms this summer and

Decorating for Summer

By Sandy Sutton, photography by Richard Rasmussen and courtesy of York Wallcoverings Dear Sandy, Now that summer is upon us and I have a family reunion to host, I need some ideas!

Arkansas Symphony Designer House

Photography by Sandy Sutton and Mara Kuhn So many of you have let me know that you toured the Arkansas Symphony Designer House, as many did — many thousands.

Recycled Home Products

Photography by Mara Kuhn and courtesy of Sandy Sutton Dear Sandy, My husband and I plan to do some updating on our kitchen this spring and we have become confused about a couple of

Designing for a Cause

Photography by Richard Rasmussen Hey Sandy! My friends and I are so excited that it is time for the Arkansas Symphony Designer House again! We always enjoy touring the home and

Color Trends

Photography by Mara Kuhn Dear Sandy, My resolution for 2016 is to concentrate giving my home a new look, especially my eat-in kitchen with a small banquet dining spot and the adjoi

Celebrating the season in style

Photography by Mara Kuhn Champagne instantly perks up a party. It has a life of its own and somehow seems to make me smile.

Decking the Halls

Photography by Mara Kuhn Dear Sandy, You seem to be able to solve so many decorating and entertaining problems, and boy do I need some help! My two sons and their families are comi

Making the Old New Again

Photography by Richard Rasmussen Sandy, Lately, I keep hearing the phrase “what’s old is new again” and it has set me to thinking of ways in which that is true.

Mix Up Dining Spaces

Photography courtesy of Ambella Home Dear Sandy, I realize that Thanksgiving will be here before I turn around, and it takes time to get things done, so I am an early bird with my