Huston & Downes Wedding

By Lindsey Wells, photography courtesy of Jason Crader Fiona Downes and Robert “Rob” Huston were introduced at a New Year’s Eve party five years ago, where they became instant frie

Bailey & Mills Wedding

By Lindsey Wells, photography courtesy of Benjamin Martin Photography Shelley Mills and Jeff Bailey met through mutual friends who had a mutual interest, swing dancing.

Whittaker & Rush Wedding

Story by Lindsey Wells, photography courtesy of Saralin Whittaker, Megan Wolfe and Matt Wolfe Hollie Whittaker and Briesen Rush met in September 2014 at a young adult life group at

Beard & Sims Wedding

Story by Lindsey Wells, photography courtesy of Melissa Albey Not many people can say that their love story started with a four-legged canine on the side of the road, but for Kirst

Perfect Timing

By Lindsey WellsPhotography courtesy of Stephanie Parsley If Ashley and Madison Leonard have learned anything from their years together, it’s that “when you stop lookin

Together Forever

Alexandra Luttrell-Freeman and Kyle Whittington were born and raised on opposite sides of the country—Alexandra in Las Vegas, Nev., and Kyle in Memphis, Tenn.

Simple Love

Photography courtesy of Megan Wilson Chelsea Gatzke was set in her ways, with a regular daily routine consisting of going to work, going to the gym in her hometown of Sheridan

A Magical Proposal

Photography courtesy of Laura and Tien Nguyen Andrew Duncan and Kaeley Bingham, aka the “Dynamic Duncan Duo,” were high school sweethearts who met while carpooling with friends

Anderson & Smart Wedding

Photography courtesy of Faith McCallister Both students at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville in 2012, Jordan Ashley Anderson, 26, and Matthew Taylor Smart, 25, never cross

West & Eller Wedding

Photography courtesy of Brittany Barber Amber West and Garrett Eller built their relationship on sturdy ground, starting off simply as “accountability friends” in 2013